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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gorgeous Asian Busty Delights



Enjoy these pictures of what is one amazing Asian babe. When I first saw her it caused an instant trouser movement, thankfully was wearing loose joggies at the time, or may have required immediate hospital treatment. Im looking at the large pics at the moment while typing this so excuse me if there is any typos.

This girl is stunning, very light skinned natural beauty. She has the sort of boobs that just say please place hard erect throbbing member here. The thought of sliding my cock inbetween those big full tits has me near cumming. Seeing her tweak and pull on her dark nipples as her warm soft flesh envelopes me, I can almost feel it. And there's more delights awaiting further down as you reach a perfectly shaven smooth pussy, with gorgeous puffy lips. Bet she loves for those to be taken into a mouth and gently nibble on as a tongue expertly probes her wetness.

But what sent me over the edge and making a mess every where was watching her play with that green plastic vibrator....................... Oh you haven't seen that one yet, oh ok. Sorry will let you catch up, and finally remember if you click here you can see a whole lot more!!!!, or should that be a lot more holes, lol Trust me its money very very well spent.

Enjoy ur day, Im away to take her to bed


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Monday, August 22, 2005

Very good morning, hope ur all UP

This is a bit of a side step for me, however I couldnt help but make a wee website devoted to this charmer. I know its not my standard type of woman, but you have to admit that there is somethign rather nice about this redheaded stunner.

I hope you all enjoy my impromptu site made because I couldnt devote the space require to this stunner on this web blog.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Webcam Lust

Hi all,

Sorry not been on for a while had a few personnel problems, hopefuly things will improve shortly. But enough of me, bet you would love to see some big busty babes flashing those big tits and showing their gorgeous chubby bodies. I know pics are really good, but you just cannot beat a moveing image. I have given several links to sites that provide both free and paid for XXX hardcore BBW videos and movie clips, however much as a film is good can you really compete with LIVE ACTION.

These babes of all shapes and sizes are waiting ready for you to chat to and to show you what you like. Really good interface, really well laid out and easy to find the girl of ur dreams(well till ur dream changes). Best thing about this if your not ready to commit to the really low subscription is its free to sign up for a look see. Trust me this is definately one of the best WEBCAM sites ive seen. And they even have a HAPPY HOUR, so its even cheaper. lol

Below theres is a banner that all being well should be ever changeing to try and show you a selection of the exact people that really are LIVE at the moment. If nothign else sign up so you can have a look. In case it worries you I have now fully signed up and have not received one bit of spam from them, another big plus point in my book.

So will leave you with this and you can hopefully have as much fun as I do.

Remember to check back often as hopefully I should be back to normal postings soon

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Monday, August 01, 2005


WOW im in love!!!!!!!!

Is this just not the sexiest damn girl you have ever seen, if this doesn float your boat nothign ever will. Shes stunning. Has everything, good looks, pretty face, young teen, gorgeous big boobs, shaven pussy, long legs, and shes a RED HEAD, can you ask for more in a woman.

This got my cock sollid, and can you guess how much this site is....................... $6 thats it, thats about £4. Nothing!!!! $6 a month gets you unlimited access to her and hundreds like her, damn thats enough to even keep me satisfied, lol. I may not be posting much in the next wee while, but feel free to join me in my exploreing of the site, lol.

I think I shall be shareing what I find though, because such sexy woman shouldnt be kept to ones self. It contains everything imaginable, from petite and firm, to large soft plumpers. Huge tits and large nipples, to pert full breasts. Shaven for licking or if you prefer somethign to let you find your way in the dark, hairy.

Right, before another keyboard has to get binned, im away to search and look through this amazeing site. This one I deffinately recommend, 100%, and for the cost can you afford not to try it, lol

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Glad To Be Back

Well all, how have you been since ive been away. Hopefully very bad, and hopefully you shall tell me all about it.

The holiday was brilliant just what the doctor ordered, or was is the NUDIST beach that perked things up, lol. There were many a sight to feast your eyes upon, and maybe if im feeling generous, or when I blank there faces out, I shall share my pics with you.

In the mean time are you missing my CHUBBY BABES, BBW LOVERS and SUPER SIZED SEX. Hope so, the links in last post should have kept you more than satisfied, but just in case you have something left and like to experience some more busty babes then as ever here is one site that I found, like, use, exploit, crave, fantasise over, ok ok you get the impression I like it, if you click the link I'm sure you will discover exactly why I like it so much.

Till we speak again, all the best

Star Chaser
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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Well Im Off to the Sun now

As I said to you before, Im going off to the sun now, so while im away heres something for you to have a little play with, lol.

Everything BBW

BBW Sex BBW Webcam BBW Sex Chat



Some Top BBW Sites

Enjoy one and all and will chat again soon to you when I come back all suntanned on July 24th
Star Chaser
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Monday, July 04, 2005


Ps the BBQ didnt happen, it was rained off, The joys of living in Scotland I suppose.

Since im in a generous mood, heres a few wee snippets you may enjoy, lol. Wont post pics, will just let you find out for yourselfs. But trust me BBW CHUBBY HORNY SEXY FAT GIRLS with HUGE BIG SWINGING TITS, and an APPETITE for SEX,


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3 Days till I go on holidays, cant wait. Hope you are all enjoying the sites so far, one of the best was in the last post there, Hope you all signed up as that costs nothing and opens up a whole new world of busty babes. Remember totaly FREE to SIGN UP

For todays BBW site, look no further than HERE

Big Busty Babes

If there is nothing in there that takes your fancy then I shall eat my shorts, lol.

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